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If noises in the roof are keeping you awake at night Mr Possum will stop them.

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Possum Removal

If you hear scratching in the roof then you will need possum removal. They are unsettling to you and the kids and must be dealt with. Eventually they will ware a hole through the gyprock.

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Possum Proofing

Possums are so persistent with their attempts to get back in that if they are going to be successful, they will do so in a couple of months maximum, unless Possum Proofing is done correctly.

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Rat Control

Rats move into a house to breed, they are very active and the reason why we deal with rodents in the ceiling is that they are often mistaken for possums as they are so loud in the roof.

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When You have Noises in the Roof - We Provide the Best Possum Removal Service and Rodent Control in Brisbane and Gold Coast

Having your sleep rudely interrupted gets you thinking, WHAT on Earth is that? There are mainly 2 options. Either Possums or Rodents in the Roof.  Getting them out and stopping the noise is your primary objective at 4 am. However, dealing with each of them requires a very different approach. Possums are protected by Law and Rats are Rodents are just a pest. We will determine what’s making the noises in the roof and solve the problem, QUICKLY. 

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Possum removal by finding the entry points

Why Choose Us

Persistence and Knowledge from 15 Years Experience

We have been doing this for 15 years now and are often referred to as The Best Possum Removal Service in Brisbane and Gold Coast. We have extensive knowledge of how possums gain access to properties and how to stop them. Most of all, we want you to get back the peace and quiet you are used to without harming the possums.

The Longer a Possum Lives in Your Roof the Harder it is to Keep Out

When a possum moves in, it doesn't want to move out in a hurry and will be much harder to keep out than one that has just moved in. Don't wait

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Possum Removal - Brisbane and Gold Coast

Possums or Rodents can cause loud noise inside the roof. Brisbane’s housing has a unique style, typically the Queenslander which offers possums plenty of opportunities to establish a home in the roof. Their other option is they find refuge in the floor space or garage.

With the waterway of the Gold Coast and the varying types of house construction from the Beach to the Hinterland, Gold Coast Possum Removal requires local knowledge. A number of species inhabit the Coast and each has different specific details to successfully stop them from interrupting your life.

Possum Proofing - Brisbane and Gold Coast

Getting possums out is one thing. Keeping them out is another. Depending on the type of house and the location of the entry points, possum proofing a property ranges in difficulty from reasonably easy to very difficult.

Knowing how to locate all the entry points visible now and those that a possum will attack once the main hole is blocked is the key to successful possum proofing of a property. This give us the ability to Fully Guarantee our work

Rat Control - Brisbane and Gold Coast

Rodents are an ever-present problem. Rats in the Ceiling are dirty vermin that breed quickly, bring food back into the roof and invade our personal space.

Not only that, they chew all sorts of things, like electrical cables and boxes or the high tension power cables under the bonnet of your car. DON’T leave rodents alone. As soon as they are detected call us. We will make sure there are no possums going to be harmed while rat control is taking place.

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What Our Clients Say

The Russ was fast, efficient and great to work with. We had our solution completed within the timeframe and budget and we are very happy with the results. 

I was so impressed by their professional and friendly approach, we’ll be recommending them for sure.

Amanda Harris, Wynnum

Russ’s tenacious investigative approach and lateral thinking set him apart. Twice successful on 2 x acreage properties, recently with a particularly difficult task in a large shed structure.
12 month guarantee is comforting – highly recommend – Trust Russ!


MIKE ALTASS, Helensvale 

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